Surgicare Neuro

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Surgicare® Neuro PF is made from Natural Rubber Latex. The Skin coloured light brown gloves proves to be a second skin for the doctor. The exceptional tactile sensitivity, dexterity, and perfect fit is ideal for all Specialized Surgeries.


  • Ergonomically designed for optimum fit and
  • Micro textured Surface for excellent instrument grip, and anti­-slip finish.
  • Extractable protein content no more than 50µg of protein per gram and dm2,ensuring low allergenicity.
  • Non-detectable levels of Chemical Residue, minimizes risk of skin irritation.
  • Powderfree to eliminate risks associated with glove
  • Inner polymer coating provides smooth and easy donning of gloves.
  • The light brown colour minimizes light reflection during Surgery, and provides better contrast to light-colored organs and tissues.
  • Manufactured in dust free environment with low bioburden and therefore, reduced pyrogen.
  • Sterilized in a validated process cycle as per ISO 11135:2014 norms SAL l ff 6


  • ASTM D 3577-2009 & EN 455 -1: 2000, EN 455-2: 2015,
  • EN 455-3:2015 & ISO 10282:2014
  • CE Mark – MDD Class Ila


  • 100% Inspected
  • Tested & passes Viral Penetration Test -ASTM F 1671: 2007
  • Factory Standard of AQL 0.65 upon request.

Recommended for all surgical procedures:

Ophthalmic, Microsurgery, Neuro Surgery, Cardiothoracic & Maxillofacial Surgeries
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