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Heather can also be knocked down onto the floor by certain monsters; wiggling the analog stick and pressing buttons can get her up faster. Like Silent Hill 2 , the tank controls are optional, and the player can choose their preferred control scheme. The controller vibration is used to indicate Heather’s heartbeat and will vibrate on low health. It also vibrates when Heather attacks and is being attacked. Combat with the various monsters is done through melee and firearm weapons.

It is recommended to rely on strong, fast melee weapons, such as the katana , saving the guns for bosses and stronger foes. Unlike the previous two installments, the hunting rifle is replaced with the submachine gun. Heather can also block attacks, reducing damage inflicted instead of negating the entire attack itself. Silent Hill 3 has a set of unlockable weapon which include the flamethrower , Beam Saber , “Heather Beam”, and a “Sexy Beam”, and are only unlocked after beating the game once.

The player can also unlock various costumes after completing the game once, but some require the player to enter in codes to unlock them. The player can only use the “Sexy Beam” while wearing the “Transform” costume. It was also the first game to feature songs with lyrics sung by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and written by Joe Romersa , which became a series staple.

The ending theme of the game is “Hometown”. Silent Hill 3 received positive reviews, garnering an Positive reactions were given to the general horror and atmosphere of the game, including “truly horrifying sections”, it “packs some genuine scares”, and “the feeling of eeriness and doom is almost overwhelming”.

The story told as part of the atmosphere was also received pleasantly, making for a “satisfying, coherent sequel”, although its status as such meant that “it may be a little tough to follow for people who haven’t played the first game”, despite “a laudable effort to help people catch up”. In addition, the graphics, audio, and production values were all credited with adding positively to the atmosphere. Negative criticism largely stemmed from the lack of any innovations in gameplay; the installment “doesn’t do anything major that the series hasn’t done before”, “does little in term of innovation”, and “doesn’t offer much beyond the other titles in the series”.

Also criticized was the game’s camera and control system, which despite having been improved from previous games, was described as “awkward, disorienting, and motion sickness-inducing”. Some criticism stemmed from the length of the game, as it “can be easily beaten in a handful of hours.

There are many similarities between Silent Hill and Silent Hill 3 , as Silent Hill 3 is a direct sequel to the game, mirroring its plot. The protagonists of both games have two syllable names that start with “H” Harry, Heather with a last name of “Mason”.

The antagonist is a priestess of the Order whose name ends with “-ia” Dahlia , Claudia. Both games start off with Harry and Heather inside of a dark dream. In their nightmares, they are both killed while visiting the Otherworld version of Silent Hill, but they soon wake up inside of a diner next to bottles of ketchup and mustard.

A few moments later, they both meet detective-like characters who later support them throughout the game Cybil and Douglas. In the Otherworld shopping centers they visit, each see televisions with images of Cheryl on them, and in these shopping centers, both enter a room that they are trapped in Harry falls down a hole and Heather’s ladder breaks where they must defeat a giant version of a worm Twinfeeler , Split Worm.

Upon its defeat, the Otherworld reverts into the world they were previously in. The first bosses they encounter each have their heads split in half Split Head and Split Worm. In the hospitals they visit, they both see the video tape of Lisa Garland , as well as use a camera camera , instant camera to solve a puzzle and sacrifice a blood pack in order to progress.

They both enter similar-looking doors with three squares on them. For example, Harry and Heather both visit a manifestation of Alessa’s classroom in Midwich Elementary School , as well as Alessa’s sick room. Q: I was in the Nightmare Hospital 3F storeroom and the room got all screwy and the door was locked so I died.

What was I supposed to do? A: The door is only locked for a certain amount of time while the room is transforming. It allows you to sit back and enjoy the show, although your health starts draining once the transformation is done and you will die once it hits zero.

Always find the door and leave as soon as the transformation is complete. It may be a little hard to see but it’s there. Q: I don’t have any ammo left and I think I’m close to the last boss.

Am I screwed or what? A: You’re okay. You can beat the last boss with a melee weapon with a fairly reliable strategy just as long as you’re quick on your feet and go for attacks when the window is open. It may take a while on Normal or Hard Action Level, but it’s still very doable. You’ll also unlock an extra weapon for killing it with a melee weapon. Q: I still have Shakespeare books from back in the mall. Do they have any use or can I get rid of them? A: If you didn’t put them back on the shelf cause you already knew the code, then you can’t get rid of them for the rest of the game and they have no use but to clog your inventory.

This happened to me as well my first time. Q: Do you know the lyrics for the spoken songs in SH3? A: Yes, check the Song Lyrics section. All the lyrics for every song are in there. She calls her father to inform him she’ll be home soon as man in a brown overcoat observes her.

Annoyed by his presence, Heather says her goodbyes and frees up the phone, but the man wishes to speak with Heather instead. He introduces himself as Douglas Cartland and explains that he’s a detective.

Someone would like to speak to Heather about her birth and needs just half an hour of her time. Suspicious of him from the start, Heather declines and slips into the nearby ladies’ room to escape her follower, and there begins a long journey reconnecting Heather with her mysterious past, which is uncovered along the way. With a freckled face and dyed blonde hair and dark roots, Heather has a short temper and isn’t afraid to show some attitude.

She isn’t shy, but knows who she should and shouldn’t trust and is very much daddy’s girl. As a teenager, she has no full-time occupation but works various side jobs including babysitting. Douglas Cartland Age: Late 50s Douglas is a middle-aged private detective with grey hair and a beard who approaches Heather in the mall. Douglas explains that there’s someone who wants to speak to her about her birth, but Heather ignores him. As she later finds out, Douglas was hired by Claudia to track Heather down.

Soon realizing he had been lied to and used, Douglas instead turns to help Heather on her journey, holding no hard feelings for her behaviour and distrust towards him.

Claudia Wolf Age: 30 Claudia is a very peculiar woman of bright, blonde hair, pale complexion and no eye brows, who chooses to walk around barefoot. Heather first meets her in a back mall hallway and questions what is happening with the monsters, to which Claudia replies it is the hand of God.

Unbeknownst to Heather at this point, Claudia is the high priestess of the Order who is seeking out Heather, whom she explains before slipping away is the one who will lead “us” to paradise with blood-stained hands. Vincent Smith Age: Called Father Vincent by his followers, Vincent is a young priest with brown hair and glasses who serves in the Order alongside Claudia. However he makes his intentions clear that he is not on her side but rather wishes to help Heather.

From their first meeting in the Hilltop Center, Heather understandably isn’t sure how much she can trust the man, who comes off as manipulative and often carries a suspicious smirk on his face as he tries to get under her skin. But Heather may not have a choice but to trust him as her only inside source to help fight back against Claudia, making him a valuable albeit uncertain ally.

Has normal-sized legs and a peculiar, twitching head with a large mouth on the front. Bears a strong resemblance to the Mandarin from Silent Hill 2. Closers in the endgame’s Church take on a transformative, greenish appearance while becoming stronger and faster. Attacks: Most often Closers will thrust one of their large club-like arms forward at Heather, which inflicts a fair amount of damage but is very slow and telegraphed.

Sometimes they may extend a sharp blade from the arm, doing even more damage. Additionally Closers may swing their arms around their body to hit Heather at close range, so be careful while circling and attacking them. Strategy: Despite its lumbering size, the Closer is a truly pathetic fighter that moves at a slow enough speed to easily run by it or even dodge all its attacks at close range. Therefore the best strategy is to just ignore them, especially in higher numbers. But if you do wish to fight them, the Handgun is probably the most reasonable way to kill them from beyond their range, backing up while firing if they’re approaching you.

Usually they die when dropped with the Handgun, but otherwise may require a kick to finish off. The Shotgun is a bit slow but you can bait them into an attack or just run behind them and blast away.

The SMG’s rapid fire works great too but there’s really not much ammo for it. If you are going to try a melee weapon, try the Katana or Steel Pipe and sidestep around them between hits to dodge their attacks. Numb Body Appearance: A malformed, bipedal body with no arms, pale purple in colour with bloody veins all over and what looks like a large single eye on its head.

Makes sounds similar to goats or lambs and comes in sizes small, medium and large. No fries with that. Attacks: Since they have no arms their only attack is a lunging headbutt. Try to avoid this by attacking from a distance or circling around them to attack from behind or the side. Strategy: These guys are fairly aggressive despite their most common small size and slower speed, but they generally don’t take more than a good melee weapon to kill. Be wary of their lunging jump forward in attempt to bat you, and smack away with the Katana or Steel Pipe while sidestepping around them to make it difficult for them to hit you.

They often come in groups, so consider using the Handgun to take them out more quickly and safely. Even so, they can usually be lured out one by one where you can safely kill them away from their buddies. Always finish them off with a kick if still squirming when down. In the subway and underpass you’ll encounter large Numb Bodies. These creatures are even more aggressive and powerful, and evasive measures are even more important, but when properly positioned you can still take them down with the Steel Pipe.

If in a hurry or surrounded by several of them, the Shotgun can make quick work of them from close range and the Handgun works quite well although lacks the stopping power as these larger creatures power towards you. Double Head Appearance: A dog wrapped in bandages with its head split in half, perhaps like a roasted dead dog come to life. Often howls for backup. Attacks: Most commonly they jump and bite at Heather, inflicting minimal damage.

From the ground they will often grab a hold Heather’s leg and give it a solid chew, hurting her more. Stay away from their mouths and attack their sides or rear to avoid this, but mash the shoulder and directional buttons if caught. Strategy: Double Heads like to run around a lot and can be a pain to fight, which is why the Handgun is the most efficient way to deal with them, beyond simply running past which is always doable.

Then again they’re not too threatening and so saving your ammo by using the Steel Pipe or Katana is a good idea if you wish to kill them. Try to sidestep around them and avoid their mouths so they can’t bite you while fighting them.

A helpful tool against them is using beef jerky to distract their attention, allowing you to run past or sneak up to attack them.

The same goes for Double Heads already distracted by a piece of meat, a regular occurrence in the game. Just run past them or beat them down with a surprise attack, and always finish them off with a kick.

Note that Double Heads will often howl to call in nearby reinforcements, who howl back before arriving on the scene. Quickly kill them or leave the area before you get surrounded. Pendulum Appearance: Two half torsos and heads connected, with sharp blades on each head and larger blades extending from its body on both sides that it uses to walk.

Most often found flying through the air while making very loud and distinctive screeches. Attacks: Pendulums will charge forward to slice you with the blades on their spinning heads while in the air, or poke at your with their blade legs while hovering.

When found standing, Pendulums will slice you with their blade legs if approached. Suggested Weapon s : Submachine Gun, Shotgun. Strategy: The best strategy with Pendulums is always to simply run away since they’re such a nuisance to deal with, regularly come in multiples and are often out of reach.

If you must kill them, the Shotgun works well from close range, often dropping them in one blast. While they are mostly spinning through the air, sometimes they’re found walking on the ground.

Be sure to kill them before they fly unless you’re just running past them. The Submachine Gun also works well on them due to its rapid fire, but you’ll usually have to manually adjust your aim to hit them and there’s not much ammo available for the gun. They will also lunge towards you once you first shoot them so keep up your fire to drop them before they reach you. The Handgun isn’t effective at all as these creatures deflect their bullets from the front. In general it’s highly recommended to ignore these enemies, especially on Hard.

Insane Cancer Appearance: An incredibly obese and disgusting creature of bulbous proportion and cancerous flesh with open sores. Its face appears to be crushed inward as if punched in. Always found initially lying down. Attacks: Mostly they will swing their arms to smack Heather, but can also charge her and tumble her over.

Due to lazily lying around, you may never witness an attack if you run past or blast them quickly, but be careful if they do stand since they can surprise you with their speed by running after you.

Strategy: Insane Cancers are always found lying on the ground and in every instance can always simply be run past, even in tight corridors by pushing past as they stand. Therefore you don’t need to fight a single one but if you wish to, the Shotgun is probably your best bet with its strong power. The Submachine Gun also handles them quite well, and for melee weapons the Stun Gun is surprisingly effective. As soon as they stand, get in a close shock and watch them fall down. Kick them continuously and repeat the process if they stand up again.

Once an Insane Cancer is dead it will deflate, so always keep attacking until that happens, no matter how many kicks or bullets it takes. Slurper Appearance: The general form of a human covered in leather-like flesh, with a large extended nose like an anteater and bulbous hands like boxing gloves. Attacks: From a distance they will charge Heather to bowl her over, while up close they’ll grab a hold of her leg and chew her out. Wiggle the shoulder and directional buttons to escape more quickly.

If you don’t stand up quickly enough when knocked over they may hover over and bite you. Suggested Weapon s : Handgun Silenced , Shotgun.

Strategy: Slurpers are easily the most annoying enemies in Silent Hill 3 due to their speed and frequency in high numbers, made worse by roaming tight and dark hallways, waiting to lunge from around the corner and knock you down.

Slurpers are attracted to light and sound, so a helpful strategy is to turn off your Radio and Flashlight except when it helps you see them , and put the Silencer on the Handgun to prevent others from rushing to your position. When in closer range, the Shotgun works well with its power, but its slow speed can tie you up, making the Silenced Handgun more preferable.

While Slurpers are already lying on the floor, the will also play dead after attacking a few times, ready to pounce on Heather if she approaches for a kick. Don’t be fooled and keep firing from a distance until you hear it die or see blood pour out.

Melee weapons are very ineffective on Slurpers due to their speed and low stance, so forget about them altogether. Also note that jerky can help distract and guide Slurpers, allowing you to run past or position them better for attacks.

Nurse Appearance: A female nurse in a dirty white blouse and skirt uniform with a nurse cap and high heels, carrying a steel pipe or revolver. While similar to Silent Hill 2’s Nurses including their slumped posture, they have normal dark hair and faces, smeared with blood patches over their lipstick, and wear longer skirts.

They breathe loudly and let out screams when attacked. Location s : Brookhaven Hospital, Nightmare Hospital. Attacks: Nurses with pipes will swing normally or lunge forward, inflicting even more damage. Revolver nurses will shoot from moderate distances and inflict a lot of damage, while they can pistol-whip from up close.

Nurses can also run and chase after you, closing a medium distance in a hurry to smack or shoot you.

Strategy: Just as in Silent Hill 2, Nurses are dangerous and should be attacked from a safe distance with the Handgun back up while firing if close , while the Shotgun works great for crowd control or quick kills from up close. The SMG works just as well if you have the ammo for it. All Nurses carry weapons and are quite strong, so using melee weapons is too risky and opens you to attacks.

While most carry pipes, a few Nurses wield revolvers that will take a big chunk out of your health if you get hit. Always keep an eye out for what they’re holding and immediately rush to take out revolver Nurses before the others to remove the biggest threat. Scraper Appearance: A humanoid wearing brown robes, red gloves and a threaded sack over its face. It wields a blade in each hand and strongly resembles the Missionary boss but is much weaker.

It also carries a slight resemblance to Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2. Location s : Church. Attacks: Scrapers will slice you with their blades, inflicting moderate to heavy damage. They are also sneaky creatures and will often spawn out of nowhere behind you or appear right around a corner, ready to attack an unsuspecting Heather. Strategy: While threatening in appearance and with their attacks, Scrapers are incredibly weak and usually drop in a single Shotgun blast, which is the best method to kill them.

The Submachine Gun does nicely despite limited ammo, and the regular Handgun’s bullets usually get deflected, but equipping the Silencer will cover the muzzle flash and prevent this. But due to Scrapers’ lethal weapons and moderate movement, it’s best to use the Shotgun to drop them asap. As you can see, the Submachine Gun and Shotgun are the most effective weapons available. Refer to detailed descriptions of each below. Since ammo is scarce, it’s important to master your melee arsenal.

Note that unlike Silent Hill 2, how tightly you press X does not dictate your attack, but rather if you’re pressing or holding it. Refer to each weapon below for its specific attacks.

Knife “It’s a switchblade for self-defense. Better with than without it against those monsters. Since it’s so small it can only be used at extremely close range, and it’s very weak so you’ll need to regularly avoid enemy attacks while fighting with it. To do this, sidestep around enemies with L1 and R1 while attacking them.

This can actually work fairly well on Numb Bodies, and somewhat on Double Heads but that’s about it. Honestly, if your only weapon choice is the Knife, it’s probably better just to run. To use the Knife, hold R2 and press X to deliver a regular swing, or hold X to perform a quick thrust attack.

Don’t expect to kill many enemies with this pathetic weapon; you should be happy if you manage even a single kill with it. This weapon is held by Heather from the start of the game, both in her nightmare and in the mall. Steel Pipe “A steel pipe, about 3 feet long.

Not very powerful, but not hard to use. It is best used against Double Heads, Numb Bodies, and can even take down Closers as long as you stay on the move and circle around them.

Hold R2 and hit X to perform an overshoulder swing, or press it a few times for a series of swings. Hold X for a more powerful overhead downward swing and hold forward while holding X for a thrust attack. It should immediately become your primary weapon upon acquiring since the Knife is near useless and you’ll want to save Handgun ammo.

Maul “Like a big round pointy hammer. It’s super heavy, but at least it’s got some oomph. The Maul can be great on Closers as long as you avoid their slow attacks, but it’s generally too slow for smaller, faster enemies and will regularly bounce off walls in narrow corridors.

Hold R2 and press X to swing it across, or hold X to perform a powerful overhead downward swing, although quite slow. The Maul is found on the tipped over locker in the first actual room in the Underpass beside the map, on the upper level. Despite being found here, it’s not a great place to use it since there’s so many narrow hallways that it can collide with.

Katana “This is a short katana, about 2 ft. Pretty powerful and easy to handle. It essentially makes every other melee weapon obsolete upon acquiring midway through the game and is very effective against most standard enemies and the final two bosses, although firearms are still safer for the bigger and faster enemies like Slurpers, Insane Cancers and so on.

Hold R2 and press X to do an overshoulder swing, or multiple presses for a series of swings. Hold X for a more powerful overhead downward slice, or hold forward while holding X to deliver a thrust.

The Katana is a super important weapon you can pick up from the shelf in the Gallery of Fine Arts storage room in the northeast corridor of 5F inside the Hilltop Center. Do not miss it. Stun Gun “High voltage to zap the bad guys.

It has to touch ’em, though, so it’s very short-range. A battery holds enough charge for just four shocks so use them wisely. Hold R2 to raise the Stun Gun and press X to unleash the high-voltage current into a nearby enemy. Since it requires batteries, you must reload it when empty.

Despite it technically shooting an electric projectile, this is considered a melee weapon due to its short range and it isn’t really a firearm either.

The Stun Gun isn’t found until around halfway through the game where it is available in the open top drawer of Heather’s bedroom dresser in Daisy Villa Apartments. All behaving quite differently, hold R2 to ready and use X to fire. Always reload in your inventory during combat, or use the new in-game reload function by equipping the right ammo and pressing R3, but only away from enemies.

Handgun “Holds 10 rounds of ammunition. Small and not powerful, but easy to use. It’ll usually drop enemies in around bullets and can additionally be equipped with the Silencer to be hide the muzzle flash and dramatically reduce its volume, although it will also slightly weaken your bullets. Hold R2 and press X to fire the Handgun, holding X to continuously fire bullets until your enemy drops.

A very wise strategy is to back up while firing if an enemy is approaching you, or to sidestep while firing or even approach certain enemies to be in a good position to quickly kick when they drop.

The Handgun is an unmissable weapon found very early in the game in a cutscene inside the women’s clothing store on the first floor of Central Square Shopping Center.

Shotgun “Holds 6 rounds of ammunition. It’s hard to handle, but has great range. Although it’s a little slow to use, it holds six shells and has a wide blast radius although narrower than SH2 with a lot of power, best used on bigger, tougher enemies. Using the Shotgun is as simple as holding R2 and blasting with X. Be careful not to position yourself in a bad spot to get hit after your shot due to its slow handling speed, although most standard enemies may drop in a single shot.

The Shotgun is found inside a gift box in the abandoned open subway car at the south of Platform 2 in Hazel Street Subway Station. Submachine Gun “Holds 32 rounds of ammunition. Great for its continuous firing. Sadly, you won’t get much ammo at all for the thing, otherwise it might make the game a bit too easy.

Therefore I’d recommend saving all its ammo for bosses where it’ll be most useful, but if you wish to use it wherever that’s fine too cause you’ll only get a few clips for it anyway.

To use the SMG, hold R2 and X to continuously fire, or wisely use your ammo in shorter bursts to stay on top of it and not waste anything. Use the left analog stick to aim up, down, left and right as needed.

Because of this aim control you cannot walk while aiming. Additionally you can equip the Silencer to attach it to the gun and be more discreet but at a small cost of power. The Submachine Gun is located by the elevator in the basement hallway of Brookhaven Hospital. Refer to the Unlockables and Secrets section for more details. Bulletproof Vest “It’s heavy under a jacket, but it should protect against a monster’s attacks.

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Graillon 2 2. VstSpeek 3. MAutoPitch Autotune 4. GSnap 5. Autotalent 6. Son of a Pitch 8. Autotune Evo 9. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Selecting a language below will dynamically change the complete page content to that language. Warning: This site requires the use of scripts, which your browser does not currently allow. Gentle Push 5 9 Encounter an unseen assailant Self-Reflection 5 8 Take a moment to think about yourself – the real you – but don’t dwell on it Birthday Girl 5 10 Attend your birthday celebration.

They even got you a card! Scavenger 10 17 Collect over items 81 40 of Cartographer 5 9 Collect every map in the game 65 37 of Riddle Me This 5 9 Complete the game on Normal riddle difficulty 60 36 of Well Read 10 31 Complete the game on Hard riddle difficulty 24 18 of 9.

Not Hiding Anymore 10 17 Get the “Normal” ending 74 39 of Thirst For Blood 10 38 Get the “Possessed” ending 15 14 of 5. Close Encounter 10 41 Get the “Revenge” ending 13 13 of 5. Clear A Path 10 31 Cut through 3 Closers with the Katana on Normal difficulty or higher one session, no reloads 20 18 of 7. Mystery Meat 10 34 Cook 5 Double Heads with the Flamethrower on Normal difficulty or higher one session, no reloads 19 16 of 7.

Skeet Shooting 10 29 Shoot down 3 Pendulums with the Shotgun on Normal difficulty or higher one session, no reloads 26 20 of Junk Fight 10 27 Condemn 5 Nurses with the Steel Pipe on Normal difficulty or higher one session, no reloads 25 21 of 9. Painfully Goth 10 34 Kill 15 enemies with the Maul while wearing the God of Thunder costume one session 17 16 of 6. Rambo Style 25 97 Kill 5 enemies in 25 seconds timer starts after first enemy dies, progress resets 25 secs later 15 14 of 5.

Mission Impossible 25 65 Defeat the Missionary without taking damage on Normal difficulty or higher New Game only 30 23 of Thumped 25 62 Defeat Leonard without taking damage on Normal difficulty or higher New Game only 31 24 of Atheist 25 86 Defeat the God without taking damage on Normal difficulty or higher New Game only 19 16 of 7.

Pacifist 10 30 Complete the game, killing no more than 10 enemies including bosses on Normal difficulty or higher New Game only 20 19 of 7. Can’t Touch This 10 36 Complete the game, taking less than damage on Normal difficulty or higher New Game only 16 15 of 6. The Real God Of Silent Hill 50 Complete the game in 1 hour and 30 minutes or less in one session, without saving or checking the map, on Normal difficulty or higher New Game only 14 14 of 5.

TheRealPlatypus 1 Oct Will these achievements be dropping today? Achievements are now live! RossWyatt 2 Oct Holy shit I didn’t even know this one was in development, it didn’t say it was claimed. Sonderhen 9 Oct ok, I’m new to the site and I still don’t know how to open a ticket, but I’m going to report a bug. Sonderhen 9 Oct Thanks herrshaun, for now it was just this bug I found, if I find others, I’ll report it here.

SomaVyse32 20 Oct since 60fps patches are cheats, is there no way to earn cheevos while playing in 60fps? Pikacshu 22 Oct The achievements that require “Normal Diffiulty” can be obtained with riddles set on easy? Cerberus 31 Oct there are no missables right? RossWyatt 3 Nov What comment from last year?!

You should reach a dead end. To the west wall are stairs leading down. Go down those stairs. Return up the stairs. You should see another set of stairs going down.

Take them. Get there by going northwest from the stairs Heather’s at and up another set of stairs. A new set of Double Heads will arrive, so kill or avoid them. The gate will unlock so run forward and down the stairs.



Silent Hill 3 – Guide and Walkthrough – PlayStation 2 – By Conquerer – GameFAQs


Silent Hill 3 is the third installment in the Silent Hill survival horror series. A loose film adaptation of the game and a sequel to the first Silent Hill filmHlll Hill: Revelationwas released in The game is a direct sequel to the first gamealthough this is kept secret from the player for plot twist purposes.

Seventeen years have passed since the sileht of the streft game, and the baby whom the Incubator gave to Harry Mason at the end of the first game, Heather Stteetis now a teenage girl. Harry took Heather into his care to raise as his own daughter.

While running an haezl for streef father at the Central Square Shopping CenterHeather falls asleep inside a fast food restaurant and dreams about Silent Hillwhere she finds herself wandering through a nightmarish amusement park. After fighting her way past several monstersHeather walks along the roller coaster’s tracks until she is struck down by the hael coaster.

After the roller coaster incident in her nightmare, Heather wakes up in the mall. She calls her father and lets him know hull she is on her way home. Just as she is leaving, however, Heather encounters a detective named Hazek Cartlandwho was hired by a cult known as the Order to find her. Heather, thinking him to be a stalker, hides in a restroom. She jumps out a window, but her way out is blocked on both ends, forcing her to find another way through the mall.

Inside the mall, Heather realizes that there are strange monsters lurking around, and in a clothing store, Heather finds a handgun to defend herself with. As Heather wanders through the mall, she encounters a barefoot woman dressed in all black with flowing blonde hair.

She is the high priestess of the Order, Claudia Wolfwho has been searching for Heather or rather, Alessa Gillespie for a long time. Claudia tells Heather that her 33 are required and to “remember me, and your true self as well”, and that she will lead them to Paradise “with bloodstained hands”. Heather then comes down with a serious migraine as Claudia leaves. When Heather enters an elevator, its descent causes a radio to drop from the ceiling, which emits static whenever monsters are nearby.

The elevator doors open up, revealing a second, more sinister-looking elevator that indicates hazel street silent hill 3 free download crossover into another reality. After riding the second elevator down, Heather then finds herself inside the Otherworlda nightmare version of the mall. Even though she is frightened, she manages to make it back to the Real World after a battle with an enormous worm in the mall’s depths.

Once everything is back to normal, or at least seems to be, Heather heads for the subway so that she may return home. However, Douglas stops her; Heather assumes that the /38150.txt investigator is on Claudia’s side, but he tells her that he was only hired to find her.

Heather leaves the hzael man alone and enters the subway. As with the mall, the subway is deserted, with the exception of the odd monster here and there. Heather even has a close call when she steeet avoids being run over by a subway car. She takes the aforementioned subway to the underpass and fights her way through the sewer-like corridors until she reaches a construction sitewhich hazel street silent hill 3 free download uses to reach another building, the Hilltop Centerwhich is adjacent to the construction site through an frfe window.

Inside Hilltop Center, Heather enters the nightmare realm once again. Heather encounters ztreet man named Vincent Smithwho is also a priest of the Order, but he has different views on where the cult should go. After a brief conversation, she abandons him as well, asphalt 6 adrenaline free download for pc her beliefs that there is something wrong with him.

When Heather reaches hazel street silent hill 3 free download exit, she finds a monster called the Glutton blocking it; she then finds scattered pages of a fairy tale which contains the words “Tu Fui, Ego Eris”which makes the monster disappear. After the removal of the beast, Heather is brought back to the normal world and escapes the Hilltop Center.

Upon arriving at her home in the Daisy Villa ApartmentsHeather discovers the body of her father, Harry Mason, slumped in his chair, having been brutally murdered. Heather, shocked and speechless at her father being taken away from her so suddenly, rests on her father’s lap and sobs heavily. Once she regains control dowlnoad her emotions, Heather follows the blood trail to the apartment’s rooftop where Claudia is waiting for her. Her motive for Harry’s murder is he thwarted the cult’s plans seventeen years ago and that downlowd him would fill Heather’s heart full of hatred.

Claudia tells Heather that she wasn’t the one that killed him, only that she gave the order to her companion: the beastly Missionary. Claudia then tells Heather that she will be waiting for her in Silent Hazep and leaves the apartment. After killing dowlnoad monster, Heather finds Douglas inside the apartment. He helps her move Harry’s body into his room, covered by a sheet with lilies. Heather pays her final respects to her father and decides to find Claudia and kill her in revenge, despite the fact that Douglas tells her revenge isn’t the answer.

Douglas offers to drive her to Silent Hill, which she hazel street silent hill 3 free download agrees hazel street silent hill 3 free download. Outside the apartment, Douglas hands Heather a map of her destination, a gift from Vincent, and tells dowbload that Vincent says to look for a man named Leonard Wolf. He also gives her a notebook from her father, which acts as an explanation of Heather’s past and as a final goodbye to her.

Heather and Douglas arrive in Silent Hill, the town dowmload and veiled in fogthe following day. Heather searches the hospital for clues to Hazel street silent hill 3 free download location, but instead, among other things, Heather finds twisted nursessome of which are armed with revolvers.

She also finds that one of the hospital’s patients, Stanley Colemanhas an unhealthy obsession with her, and that Leonard is imprisoned within the hospital. Heather realizes a startling discovery about herself long forgotten: she is the reincarnation of Alessa Gillespie, as she has memories of Alessa’s life previous to a fire she stteet burned in at the age of seven. Heather enters the nightmare realm once again, and it is here that she encounters Leonard Wolf, who reveals himself to be the father of Claudia.

Unfortunately, Leonard has degenerated into a monster and attacks Heather, who defeats him. Heather acquires the Seal of Metatrona talisman hhazel Leonard possessed, and the hospital becomes normal once again upon Leonard’s demise. Heather returns hilll Jacks Inn to meet with Douglas; however, just before she returns, Claudia and Vincent have a conversation about the cult, as well as Leonard’s abusiveness to Claudia, in their motel room. Vincent is waiting for Heather when she returns to Jacks Inn, Claudia having already left.

Heather asks him about Douglas’ location, and Vincent tells her that he left a message: ” The church is on the doownload side of the lake. Heather follows Vincent’s advice, only to find that when she arrives at the park, she enters the Otherworld once again. Heather dpwnload the path to the roller coaster, only this time around, with foreknowledge of what is going to occur, she manages to adobe dreamweaver cs6 download trial free download off the tracks just before the cars run her downliad.

In another part of the park, Claudia and Dpwnload hazel street silent hill 3 free download arguing; Douglas feels betrayed by Claudia, saying that while she says that Heather was kidnapped and brainwashed, he feels that Heather is actually happy. Claudia then explains that they need Heather back into the cult because God needs to be born to usher in a new “Paradise” — an eternal world filled with no pain, hunger, sickness, old age, greed, or war.

Douglas then points out that a place without any worries or negative implications streeh not really a paradise, but rather, a stagnant world where nothing happens of any real value. Douglas sighs, saying that type of hil would be pointless and sgreet, and in hill, Claudia tells Douglas that she pities him. The detective then pulls out his gun and points it at her, and what happens afterwards remains a mystery.

After exploring the amusement park, Heather eventually runs into Douglas once again, but he is unable to come with her due to his broken hazel street silent hill 3 free download, which is implied to have been intentionally damaged by Claudia using her power of psychokinesis. Heather promises to come back once she is done with things, and she downoad to find herself in the same area of the amusement hazel street silent hill 3 free download where Harry was seventeen years earlier.

The “other Heather” is bloodied and severely burned and wishes to stop the birth of the god at all costs. After defeating her dark self, Heather reaches the hazel street silent hill 3 free download of the cult’s church. Heather encounters Claudia inside the hazel street silent hill 3 free download and tells her that Alessa is fine with the world the way it is. It is unknown if this was actually Alessa or just Heather pretending to be her as a way of manipulating Claudia.

Claudia has a strong will and explains that there is too much suffering in the world silennt the god of her cult will frew all that, although Heather explains that suffering is a fact of life and that Claudia must face that reality and not hurt anyone. Heather also tells Claudia that she will never forgive her for killing Harry. Heather suddenly feels pain, as the god is close to being ready for birth, and Claudia leaves.

While fighting her way through the corridors of the church, Heather hazel street silent hill 3 free download Vincent inside the library. He asks her about the Seal of Metatron, which Heather has in her possession. Vincent is relieved, as he believes it can be used as a weapon to defeat Claudia, whom Heather hazel street silent hill 3 free download catches up to inside the cult’s inner sanctum.

Claudia wounds Vincent by stabbing sileny from behind, and Heather slent somewhat taken aback by this action. After Claudia calms down, she resumes her usual composure and thanks Heather for making God feel hate and becoming closer to Paradise. Heather dtreet points out that a god who believes in hate can never create a perfect world, to which Claudia retaliates by hazel street silent hill 3 free download that even a joyful world can be a cruel place, and that in order to understand sympathy, one must also know pain and suffering.

Vincent, still uazel, desperately tells Claudia that Heather has the Seal of Metatron; Claudia then reveals that the talisman is nothing but a useless trinket before stabbing Vincent in the heart, resulting in his fgee. Heather nearly succumbs to her rage after calling Claudia a “bitch”, but finally gains control of herself, and she swallows the capsule of Aglaophotisknown for exorcising demons, that was inside the pendant around her neck. Donload promptly vomits the bloody fetus of the god onto the floor, and after taunting Claudia with ” Looks like God didn’t make it!

After ingesting God herself, Claudia falls through a hole, and Heather jumps in after her. Inside the chamber, Claudia is dead, after giving birth to the god. Heather then discovers the beastly deity, which resembles a repulsive skeletal body with a reptilian female face which resembles Alessa’s own faceand a shroud provided by Valtiel.

Due to Claudia, God has been reborn. Heather kills the god, thus finally avenging her father. Heather then collapses to the floor and mourns over Harry’s death. After regaining composure, Heather stands up and begins to leave, but turns around and stares back at God’s direction; it is unknown what occurs after this and before the ending. Heather shoots an Insane Cancer. Gameplay is dtreet to that of the previous two installments: Heather must solve puzzles, collect key items, and fight monsters to survive.

Heather is equipped with a flashlight and radio; the flashlight is often the only source of light, and the radio emits static when an enemy is near. Silent Hill 3 has some fresh mechanics.

A new item in the series is beef jerkywhich can be used что free world of warcraft game full version pc вас temporarily distract certain fiends. For the dree time in the series, the player can die by falling down holes except in Easy mode. Heather can also be knocked down onto the floor by ссылка на страницу monsters; wiggling the analog stick and pressing buttons can get bill up faster.

Like Silent Hill 2the tank controls are optional, and the player can choose their preferred control scheme. The controller vibration is used to indicate Heather’s heartbeat and will downloaad on low health. It also vibrates when Heather attacks and is being attacked. Combat with the various monsters is done through melee and firearm weapons. It is recommended to rely on strong, fast melee weapons, such as the katanasaving the guns for bosses and stronger foes.

Unlike the previous two installments, the hunting rifle is replaced with the submachine gun.


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Konami is back with Silent Hill 3 as the conclusion to the story that started in It is a truly beautiful and detailed game for its era, and while it might not reach the storytelling heights of Silent Hill 2, it surpasses it with disturbing horror and imagery that places this entry amongst the genre’s best.

I hope everyone enjoys it and that this FAQ proves helpful on your adventure and any subsequent runs thereafter. Everything you really need to know about the game is contained within this document, including an extremely in-depth walkthrough that in received a heavy rewrite and re-organization to be more user-friendly and easy to navigate, along with more heavily-detailed puzzle solutions.

Beyond that, you’ll find a speed walkthrough, how to achieve all endings and acquire all unlockables, a full item list, roster of memos, and even some extra content like song lyrics /13163.txt a list of trivia or “cool and scary things” to find in the game. You’ll even find a star ranking guide to help you achieve a perfect ranking, which was also heavily bolstered and re-written in the latest update to become rather in-depth. It’s a very hard thing to читать 10 stars in Silent Hill 3, but with difficulty comes great reward and I suggest those with the skill and patience to go for it, using that guide as needed.

Beyond that, my philosophy while writing guides is to be as detailed as possible and provide all relevant information so the player is never confused about any aspect. Therefore you’ll find especially the walkthrough here to be very detailed, as if I’m taking the journey with you. I took that even further in my more recent rewrite to make things as clear and efficient as possible for all players to navigate through the game.

Be sure to use the Table of Contents and section codes to guide you through this FAQ, and don’t forget to check out the unlockables and secrets section for anything you missed, along with some notable references to Silent Hill 2, some great horror films, and even some striking similarities to its sequel, Silent Hill 1.

With the main goal of modernizing the walkthrough to allow for more precise navigation for the hazel street silent hill 3 free download rather than endless paragraphs, I have done that while cleaning up по ссылке rest, which was all originally written when I was a teenager. This FAQ now uses helpful section codes, the walkthrough is a bit more streamlined and organized while puzzles go into much more depth. I’m now very happy to leave this FAQ as is, confident it’s in a much more user-friendly state.

Added 10 star ranking section to the hazel street silent hill 3 free download section, added song lyrics, edited the whole walkthrough and the whole FAQ. Final update. Added more memos in the memo section and aligned them the way they are in the game. Also added more credits and fixed some typos. The rest of the memos and other things including my personal review should be done soon, so keep your eyes open.

Q: Why did Europe get it so much earlier than the rest? A: Who knows. Perhaps because they got SH2 quite late.

A: No, not this time. A: Yes, something exclusively for North America. Q: How many versions are there of Silent Hill 3? A: As of there are three. A: It is an hazel street silent hill 3 free download disaster, worse than SH2 HD, and I highly advise against playing it as your first experience as it may do permanent damage to your perception of an otherwise very well-built game. Firstly the voices have all been replaced by new actors and while some are somewhat okay, their tones and performances do not fit within hazel street silent hill 3 free download scope of the game and endless nuances are completely gone.

To make it worse, liberties have been taken with the dialogue including some entirely changed lines. Further, the sound design is a complete mess with different sounds used at so many wrong hazel street silent hill 3 free download, some sounds missing entirely, wrong music playing at different times, ending abruptly or incorrectly looping, while the sound in general just comes off as very buggy and rushed.

In a game where sound is so crucial to its atmosphere, this is absolutely unacceptable. Beyond that, frame rate is stuttery and certain gameplay attributes are quite buggy, such as Heather’s movement. If you do play the HD Collection version, I implore you to understand that you hazel street silent hill 3 free download playing the absolute worst version of the game imaginable and thus any perceptions you may have about it may not apply at all to the original game.

Otherwise, refer to below for a method leaps and bounds better основываясь на этих данных play this game in HD or higher resolutions with all original assets and design intact. Q: What is the definitive way to play this game today? Its character models and environmental detail stand out even today. Therefore when the PC version is played in p or 4K it holds up insanely well. It truly is a beautiful game when played this way and I could not recommend it enough.

If you’re thinking you want to avoid the hassle of getting the PC version or wondering if your PC can even run it in HD, it does not require high performance at hazel street silent hill 3 free download as it’s an old game, and can easily be connected to a TV via HDMI and played with a modern controller via USB.

It completely blew me away and I’m grateful it exists. But again, do whatever you can to play the PC version in HD It is a technical marvel even today. Q: About how long does it take to complete this game? A: Probably about 6 hours your first time, ranging from hours for most people. It took me just shy of 6 hours my first time. A: Go up to whatever is mentioned and press Ссылка на подробности for Heather to provide a comment or to get a closer look. In the context of your inventory, find the item mentioned and select the “Examine” option.

Q: I can’t find a certain item, can you help me? A: You’ll find all item locations and where to use them in the Item List section, although all the information is just as well in the walkthrough. Q: I can’t solve a certain puzzle, can you help me? A: Find that puzzle in the walkthrough for a heavily-detailed analysis of each solution.

Refer to the table of contents for the puzzle section codes, while the smaller mini-puzzle events are contained in the walkthrough as well. Q: Can you help me find the nearest save point?

A: Check the Save Point Locations section. Q: I’m running a lot slower than I was before. Why is this? A: You must have the Bulletproof Vest equipped. While it provides additional protection, it comes at the cost of speed. Q: What is this “Silent Hill 2 Reference” thing in the walkthrough? A: If you have a completed SH2 /12014.txt file on your memory card, you can experience four minor references to it at the locations specified.

Q: How do you unlock the Unlimited Submachine Gun? A: Beat the final boss with a melee weapon. You can use guns but the last hit has to be with a melee weapon. I recommend the Katana. The final boss section in the walkthrough explains a helpful strategy. A: It’s called “Playing the Game”, a few sections before the walkthrough. Q: I /21171.txt hazel street silent hill 3 free download any other SH game.

Will I understand what’s going on? A: The first half of the game is fairly stand-alone, but the rest ties a lot into SH1 with certain characters and its general story so you’ll be a bit lost and a certain event halfway will lose all its emotional impact. I would recommend playing SH1 first if you can but either way SH3 is a fantastic horror experience on its own. A: Its story is completely unrelated so not quite, but in SH3 you do revisit a familiar section of the town and one of its major locations, so you will miss out on that feeling of familiarity.

Additionally you can experience four references to SH2 if you have a completed save file on your memory card, although only minor and just for fun. Q: How many endings are in this game? A: Only three. And the first time through you can only receive the Normal ending.

Q: How do you unlock the Heather Beam? A: Kill a total of or more enemies in your save file.